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VersiGrid soil stabalizing mud management eco grid
An equestrian hoof grid system should permanently solve
 your muddy paddocks problems.
This equine footing and flooring  grid system does just that.

How it works . . .         
Load-bearing capacity: up to 70,000 lbs. per square foot.: Working on the ‘snowshoe principle,’ the grids disperse the weight of the stock over a larger surface area (effectively, 689 square inches for a four-legged animal).
How strong was that?
During installation, maintenance, or normal usage – earthmoving equipment, tractors, steamrollers or fully loaded dump trucks may be driven on top of the grids.
Because the entire systems interlocks, for the horse or steer to sink into the mud, theoretically it would need to weigh about 160,000 lbs. or more.
The result . . .    
Permanently retire from your paddock improvement career, and forever forget the ‘spread 6-12 inches of gravel and replace regularly’ system.
The grids permanently separate the top layer from the ground sub-base, preventing intermingling of the layers.  In many conditions, no foundation work is required.  In the rest, much less stone is required, and never needs replaced!

For most equestrian applications  VersiGrid L/D1.0 economy
are sufficient.
Some applications may require VersiGridH/D2.0 heavy duty
In those cases requiring heavy-duty grids, the extra cost per units may often be offset by the decreased: foundation work (sub-base), top layer and maintenance requirements.
Strong and flexible!
The system is manufactured from 100% recycled/recycable high-strength plastic, so  
VersiGrid™ is able to withstand climate extremes from minus 58° to +194° Fahrenheit, while remaining flexible.

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